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Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate at Fertinagro India Pvt. Ltd.

Our offered compound product is widely used in several industries. It is used in order to remove the toxic materials from the water and oil drilling land. In the agriculture industry, it is used to remove the toxic materials from the soil. Being the foremost manufacturers of Sodium Humate, we dont let the quality fades away from our products. We use top-notching raw materials during the production so that clients get the best quality.

Much improved yield

Our available stock makes us capable of furnishing bulk requirements of the clients. As the noteworthy Sodium Humate suppliers and distributors in India, we are fully equipped with a dedicated team so as to fulfil your requirements in the limited time period. Remember, we never go out of stock! Get the much improved yield. Contact us, we are running our manufactory in Maharashtra.


  • In the Medical field.
  • In the ceramic industry.
  • In the agriculture industry.
  • In taking care of the pets.
  • In the broilers chick.

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