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Fertinagro is a Company formed with vision to provide cost effective , market-specific fertilizer solutions to help farmers to improve crop quality and increase productivity. To achieve this and to make our product reach to every corners of India, we provide hi-tech marketing support to our valuable distributors and dealers. We have a large team of field assistant who reach to as many as farmers in their areas to provide best solution for plant nutrition by introducing Fertinagro products to them. Such kind of ground work create demand for our brand thus helping the clients to increase their sales network and turnovers. We take all possible steps in Building and communicating brand awareness through advertising and promotions.


With the Growing demand of fertilizer in India, Fertinagro group have also focused on providing updated information to its customers through 24x7 working “Customer Information Centre”. The core activity of customer information center is to provide all the Customers of Fertinagro the solution to all their queries for plant nutrition and fertilizer applications.


Fertinagro group frequently organise, Coordinated group information sessions and interactive coaching hosted by industry-leading professionals that address all relevant aspects of agri-business, including but not limited to talent acquisition and retention , Succession planning , Environmental audits and compliance ,Health and safety and sales training. “On-demand” assistance available for individual members on any of the aforementioned areas, as well as Site design for facility expansions/additions , Growth opportunity assessment , Operating equipment options , Budgeting & Staff training.


Fertinagro Group always endeavours to provide Unique communications that provide timely and relevant updates on fertilizer and grain markets, product supply and demand, logistics, foreign exchange, industry news, etc. It also help the community to access to regional, national and global information. The Information from a variety of sources including: the Fertinagro supply and distribution team, leading crop input suppliers and manufacturers etc.


Annual regional meetings is organised by Fertinagro group which is specifically tailored to retail owners/managers, enabling members to learn, exchange ideas and discuss challenges with industry professionals and each other in an open forum. Periodic domestic and international events/tours are also facilitate that bring together buyers and users of Fertinagro products, providing opportunities to network on a larger scale and gain exposure to different aspects of agriculture. “Special-focus” events are periodically assembled that address a timely topic or area of interest members have identified, e.g. agronomic training, operations training, human resources, etc.

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