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Benefits of Potassium Nitrate And Fulvic Acid Fertilizers

Benefits of Potassium Nitrate And Fulvic Acid Fertilizers

From the time of green revolution itself, fertilizers have been used for the betterment of crops but now due to ever increasing demand of food crops and other products from the plants, fertilizers have become a necessity. Among the various varieties of fertilizers present in the market, potassium nitrate fertilizers and fulvic acid fertilizers are of the most importance when it comes to increasing the yield of the crops.

Potassium nitrate fertilizers available two of the macronutrients needed to the plant- potassium and nitrogen. Potassium nitrate increases the resistance towards environmental factor by making the cell wall thick. Potassium ion helps maintaining the process of osmoregulation process as well as in the metabolic process of the plants where as nitrate is the source of nitrogen available for the plant. Potassium Nitrate Manufacturers generally produce it in crystalline and prill form which makes it easily usable.

Fulvic acid fertilizers are of great use when it comes to protection of the plants. They increase the permeability of the plants, helping them to easily take up the nutrients. They enhance moisture retaining qualities of plant, making them resistant towards droughts. They also increase the root production by several times. They provide the plants with increased effectiveness of herbicide, pesticide, fungicide and are also proved to regulate the pH of the soil.

Among the several Fulvic acid suppliers, Fertinagro - a leading firm in the market for fertilizers can provide you with the best quality products which are available all over India on reasonable rates. Here you can also find other kind of fertilizers too. Fulvic acid also helps as chelators, enhancing the uptake of minerals by the plants. It is a non toxic, powerful electrolyte which also detoxifies the pollutants by behaving as a catalyser for them.


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